How to Reset Your Router to Factory Defaults

You can’t login to your router? The default username and password don’t work? Already tried everything you could think of and still no success? Fortunately, there is one last solution – resetting your router to factory settings. By doing this it actually means that all the settings will be restored to the same state as when the router was new. This also means that the default username and password set by the manufacturer will work. On the other hand, if you have made any changes in the router settings, they will be lost. So, if there is nothing else to be done, let’s start.

Resetting Your Netgear router Step-by-Step

Before you start make sure to get a tiny pen or paperclip. We’ll tell you why in a sec. A large number of routers has a hidden reset button. By hidden we mean that you see only the tiny hole where the button is placed. This is done in order to avoid accidental router resetting, which would be rather inconvenient.

Reset buttons

STEP 1: Turn on the router. Then wait a little for the router to boot up completely.

STEP 2: Take the paper clip (pen or needle) and press the hidden reset button. Keep it pressed for about 10-20 seconds until the TEST or POWER led lamp starts blinking (this generally shows us that the router is being reset correctly). When this happens, release the Reset button.

NOTE: Pressing th button for 1-2 seconds

STEP 3: When you release the Reset button the router will reboot. Wait until the router reboots completely.

STEP 4: Try to login with the default router password.

Additional steps

In most cases the procedure described above is enough. However, there are some cases where we have to take some additional steps:

STEP 5: Unplug the router from the power switch.

STEP 6: While unplugged, press the Reset button again with the paperclip. While you are holding the button down, plug in the power again. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 from above.

There is no reset button – What now?

Some routers like Netgear’ss DGN2000 or DG834Gv5 don’t have a reset button. Instead they have a Wireless and WPS buttons which have to be pressed at the same time for about 5 seconds.

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