Nighthawk AC1900 Smart Wifi Router Review

Using a fast and reliable Wifi router is needed in our household since we use numerous devices all at once every single day. Desktops PCs, printers, tablets, smartphones and TVs are always on and are always connected on the Internet in our place so we need a reliable router that will not only provide lightning-speed Internet but also ensure that each and every device is connected.

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Thanks to the Nighthawk AC1900 Smart Wifi Router, we can use all of our gadgets without problems and interruptions. The Internet connection speed is also great, which made my purchase worth it.

Fast and Reliable Wifi Router

I have compiled a short list of pros and cons of this Wifi router that I noticed while using it at home. We use it all day long, every single day so I guess that even if it has some issues, it is still one of the best Wifi routers that I have ever owned.

• Wifi Amplifier
One of the best features of this router is its Wifi amplifier that makes the connection very fast. I can use multiple devices all at once without suffering from slow connection, which is really an advantage for our family.

This feature allows me to access my hard drives wirelessly, which makes my table a lot cleaner and prevents accidental removal of my hard disks from my PC when I move around.

• Guest Network Access
Whenever we have guests, I can have them connect to the Guest Network Access so that they can connect to the Internet without using out separate connection. This is a great feature as this allows for a more secure and fast connection for us all.


• Three Antennas
One of the things that I like about this Wifi router is that it has three adjustable antennas that you can point to certain spots of your home where you want optimum signal strength. The screws are gold plated, making the connection faster and stronger.

We can use our TVs and game consoles easily as we need to simply find them and play them. No setting up required most of the time.

• Parental Control and VPN Support
Apart from securing your connection, you can also filter the web to ensure that youngsters will not be able to access adult sites on their devices.

• NetGear Genie App
I can easily set up and manage my Wifi router through this software, which is easily installed on a computer.


• No Detailed Manual
Even though the router is easy to use, one of the buggers that I found is that it has no detailed manual. The manual is quite short and you need to do some experiment if you are new to using these kinds of Wifi routers. Nonetheless, it’s fairly easy to set up.

• 110v Plug
The plug is 110v standard plug so if you are using a 220v outlet, you will need an adapter. This is not really a disadvantage but for people like me who don’t like using plug adapters, it is a bit of an issue.

• Firmware Issue
The Wifi router was quite fast and requires no major setup but it will start dropping wireless devices after a few days. I am not sure why this happens as I am frequently updating the firmware when the latest is available but the issue is persistent. I just hope that this will be fixed as this could be the best one that I will ever own if this issue is fixed.

Aside from some issues about the connection to wireless devices, this is one of the best routers out there. Its lightning-speed connection got me hooked onto this device and I hope that all issues will be fixed so I can continue on using it. It is one of the best out there and I really do like the open source support as well as its adjustable antennas and fast connection.

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