How to find router IP address

Not many of us can really tell that they know how to find router IP address. In most cases there is no need to know it. However, if you are tired of your neighbors using your wireless internet connection, or you want to have a funny Network name to make them laugh, or you want to be a good parent and limit your kids the time they send online – the router default IP address is something you need to know.

In most cases you will find the router IP address printed on a label on the router or in the user’s manual. However, in some cases there is no label and no user’s manual so you have to know how to find the default router IP on your own.

Let’s find out how to find router IP address on your Windows, Linux and MAC powered PC, as well as iOS and Android devices.

How to find router IP address on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.


The easiest way to find the router IP on Windows is by using the Command Prompt.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 – Launch the Command Prompt

Click the Widows Start button on the bottom-left of your screen, and then the Search icon on the top-right of the new screen.

In the Search bar type cmd and either hit the Enter button or mouse-click on Command Prompt if its shows as in the image.

type CMD to launch the Command Prompt

You can also press the Windows key on the keyboard and the letter R to launch the Search app and then type cmd.

Step 2 – Type IPCONFIG

In the Command Prompt window type the following command:


Type IPCONFG in the Command Prompt

Step 3 – Find the Default Gateway

After you hit the Enter button on the keyboard take a look at the results. Scroll down and look for Default gateway. This is your router default IP address; in this case it’s

The Default Gateway in Command Prompt


Linux users have to use the Terminal first. In order to launch it press the following key combination on yourkeyboard:

Ctrl + Alt + T

When the Terminal launches type one of these commands:

route -n


netstat –r

They will show you the Gateway i.e. the router default IP.

Results of the netstat-r command

Mac OS X

Mac OS X users also have to launch their Terminal app.

The process is similar as in Windows but here you have to use the Space bar and the Command key. Press these two key at the same time and the Spotlight Search will appear. Type Terminal.

In the results double click on Terminal to launch it.

In the type:

netstat -nr | grep default

The router default IP in the results is listed as Default.

Mac OS X terminal results and defaut gateway

iOS devices

Finding the default router IP on your iOS powered devices is not complicated.

Tap the Settings icon and then on Wi-Fi.

Tap on your Network name and take a look at Router.

Default router IP on iOS

Android devices

If you are using an Android device and need to know the router IP do the following:

Tap the Settings icon and then Wi-Fi.

Long press your network name.

Click on Manage network settings and then the checkbox Show advanced options.

find router IP on Android - step 1

In the new window tap the arrow next to DHCP and select Static.

find router IP on Android - step 2

There you will see your router IP as Gateway.

find router IP on Android - step 3

Is this IP correct?

Normally this is the correct default router IP address.

If you want to confirm this all you have to do is to launch your browser and type the IP in the Address bar. The Router login window should appear after you hit the Enter button and you will be asked to enter the default router username and password.

Final Words

As you can see, it is easy to find the default router IP address. And now when you know it it is recommended to have it written somewhere together with the default router username and password, just in case you need them in the future.

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