Connect to Wireless Network in Windows 7

In today’s world, there are not many places where we don’t have wireless internet access. There are many people who use their mobile phones, tablets and laptops all the time, and this is much easier since there is a possibility to find an open wireless network almost everywhere: café, airport, hospital and so on. Although connecting to a wireless network is quite a simple process, it may be a bit confusing if you don’t have any experience or you have just purchased a laptop, cell phone with wireless internet capabilities and so on.

So what exactly do we need for this. Well, first we have to have a device which can connect to a wireless network and depending whether the wireless network we want to connect to is secured or not, a password. At the same time, we have to be careful when we connect to open (unsecured) networks and avoid working with sensitive data.

Connecting To Wireless Networks – 1,2,3

Windows 7 has made the process of connecting to wireless network as simple as possible.

1. First we have to have the SSID and the wireless network password. If you are trying to do this at your friend’s house, you can ask him, if you are in a café or in a hospital and the network is secured then ask someone working there.

2. Check if wireless internet is enabled on your device. Some laptops have a button/switch which enables or disables this option.

wireless switch

How to do this in Windows 7

3. On the bottom-right part of your desktop there is the wireless network icon. When there are networks available and you are not connected to any it looks like this. wireless not connected On the other hand if you have been already connected to a network (meaning you have selected Connect automatically), it will look like this.wireless connected

If you don’t see these icons your wireless card is probably disabled, so check the wireless switch.

4. When you click on this icon you will see all the available wireless networks in range. Of course this doesn’t mean that you will be allowed to connect to all of them. Since you have the SSID, click that one and enter the password.

enter wireless password

Press Enter  or click OK.

NOTE: If you are connecting to an open network you won’t be asked for a password.

5. Once you are connected you will be prompted to select a network location (see image below). Make sure to choose the right one because each has different security settings.


6. The icon should look like this now.


Happy browsing!

Sometimes you can connect to a network but with no Internet access. In most cases it is enough to restart the router (if possible).

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