The Best Modem Router Combo for Comcast in 2018

Are you looking for the best modem router combo for Comcast that will reveal full potential of your Internet connection? Our text will show you how to get rid of disappointing speeds, unnecessary devices and get stable signal and stable connection that will enable you to enjoy Comcast content.

We have prepared some really good and powerful devices that can be the excellent replacement for your old and not so great rented Comcast modem. Our devices can handle severe Internet use and preserve decent speeds. You will get two devices in one housing at more than reasonable prices.

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The Advantages of a Cable Modem Router Combo

People usually rent their modem router combo units from their providers. If they don’t use these, they often buy two separate devices, modem and router. We can’t say these options are definitely bad, but here are some advantages of buying your own modem router combo device.

Saves Money

Renting might seem easier in the beginning, but after some time, you start wondering where all your money goes. Comcast charges renting up to $120 per device annually. Also, if you buy two separate devices, it will probably cost you more than a single device would.

Modem router combo can be bought for less than $100, which means that it will pay off in less than one year.

Full Control of Updates and Configuration

If you’re renting your device from Comcast, you have certainly noticed that you don’t have full control over updates or settings. The device is sometimes updated by the provider and you can’t even decide if you want those updates or not. In addition, it sometimes happens that you want to change settings on your device, but you don’t have the permission or the provider has some firewall that doesn’t allow you to do that. When you have your own modem router combo unit, you have control of every single aspect of its work; you can update it or change anything you want, whenever you want.

Saves Space and Time

No matter how much space we have, none of us wants more devices and cables than necessary. This is one of the basic advantages of combination of modem and router in one device. When you have it, you don’t have to use two separate devices, modem and router, that are connected with Ethernet cable. Also, the configuration will go smoother, because you’ll have to configure not two separate devices, but one and you won’t have to inspect if those two are compatible or not.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Modem Router Combo for Comcast

Compatibility with Comcast

Compatibility is not such a big problem in this situation. Comcast offers its users a list of compatible/certified devices. That way, you check the list before the purchase in order to see if your favorite device is worth buying or in order to create a starting point in the process of search for the perfect modem router combo device.

Performance and Features

Comcast advises its customers to get modem router combo units that support the same or higher speeds than devices rented from Comcast. You should also check your download speed and if the device receives signal fast enough.

Your device should be compatible not only with ISP but also with DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification). There are few DOCSIS versions, but the most common version is DOCSIS 3.0, released in 2008. The less common version is DOCSIS 3.1 that is actually not as good as the previous.

Some of the additional features you should pay attention to are standard router features such as the number of USB ports, the number of Ethernet ports, the speed of wired connection, but also the design of a certain device.


When it comes to price, we recommend you to be careful and thorough. There are many models out there on the market with different characteristics and different prices. We have mentioned some of the most important characteristics your modem router combo should have, but not all pricey models are really worth the money. There are many, not so attractive and nicely designed models that have great performance and additional features and can be bought for a small amount of money.

Reviews of the Best Wireless Routers for Comcast

After everything we have said, we want to present to you some of the best modem router combo devices (in our opinion). One thing they all have in common is that all of them are certified by Comcast, and some of them even by some other providers such as Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, Cox etc. One problem is solved and now it’s up to you to go through other characteristics and decide which one of these models suits best your needs and wallet.

Motorola MG7540


  • Speed: 16×4 channels for maximum 686 Mbps download and 123 Mbps upload speed; DOCSIS 3.0; AC1600 dual-band wireless connection (up to 1300 Mbps @ 5 GHz + 300 Mbps @ 2.4 GHz); 802.11ac/b/n/g supported
  • Safety: Denial of Service (DoS) Firewall; SPI; NAT; guest network access; parental control
  • Compatibility: compatible with Comcast, Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable and many other ISP
  • Range: 3 internal dual-band antennas; AnyBeam beamforming

Things We Liked

Motorola MG7540 is really great device and there are many things to love about it. The design is very pleasant and elegant. On the front side, the device has 7 LED indicators that show you if everything works nicely. On the backside, there are 4 Ethernet ports and one COAX cable connector. There’s also one power on/off button for easy reset.

Motorola MG7540 supports newest wireless 802.11ac technology. It is dual-band device that offers maximum speed of 1300 Mbps on 5 GHz signal and up to 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz signal. Motorola also offers 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels that ensure high speeds, even when many people are using the same network at the same time. It has 4 LAN ports that ensure that 4 people can connect their devices via cables. When it comes to wireless signal, MG7540 uses AnyBeam that ensures that 5 GHz signal finds wireless users very fast, it provides better connection and performance.

The device has very good firewall that keeps you safe from attacks. It also offers access to guest network and parental control in case parents want to deny their children access to certain pages.

Things We Didn’t Like

The only problem we have noticed about this device is Wi-Fi range. The device has 3 dual-band internal non-removable antennas and you would think that it will be enough to spread Wi-Fi signal all over your home. However, that’s not the case. MG7540 works nicely in a big room, but if you need it to send the signal through several walls, it might be tricky because the signal gets weak.

What Other Reviewers Say

What people loved most about this product was the reasonable price you pay for the good-quality device that works better than those devices that you usually rent from Comcast. The advantage of MG7540 is extremely easy setup, which requires connecting Internet cable to COAX connector and call your provider to activate your new modem router combo unit. The main problem with the device was the loss of signal and need for constant resetting because MG7540 is not meant for big houses, but only for smaller, one-floor houses or apartments. As we have already said, the signal cannot go through many walls and this is unacceptable if you have a big family and every member wants to watch films or play games in separate rooms.


NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900


  • Speed: 24×8 channels for maximum 960 Mbps download speed; DOCSIS 3.0; AC1900 dual-band wireless connection (up to 1300 Mbps @ 5 GHz + 600 Mbps @ 2.4 GHz); 802.11ac/b/n/g supported
  • Safety: Denial of Service (DoS) Firewall; SPI; NAT; WPA/WPA2 – PSK; guest network access; parental control
  • Compatibility: compatible with Comcast, Spectrum, Cox etc.
  • Range: 3 internal dual-band antennas with powerful amplifiers; beamforming technology

Things We Liked

We must admit that Netgear Nighthawk C7000 is exceptional device. Let’s start from the design, which is quite satisfying. The device comes in black color, it is built from quality materials and it has fancy looks. Its size is medium to large, but it can easily fit into any environment, especially because of the possibility to stand vertically. On the front side of the device, there are numerous LED indicators and on the back side, it has one 2.0 USB port, 4 Ethernet ports and one coaxial connector.

Netgear Nighthawk C7000 supports latest technologies, such as 802.11ac and DOCSIS 3.0. It has 1.6 GHz processor, which is responsible for exceptional speeds that C7000 offers. The device has 24 downstream and 8 upstream channels. We know that the speed depends also on channel number. The more channels you have, the speed will be better, even during peak time when most of the users have their networks congested. With C7000 we didn’t have those problems.

Because of great speeds, C7000 is perfect for gaming and HD streaming without buffering. With 2.0 USB port and Netgear ReadySHARE you will be able to share your media or connect the device to a printer.

Along with all of these great characteristics, C7000 has very easy setup. It will be enough to plug it and call Comcast (or some other compatible provider) in order to activate the device. After that, you will have to configure it, but the process is really easy, especially if you want only basic settings, not advanced ones.

Things We Didn’t Like

One of a few things that we didn’t like about this device is the application called Netgear Genie. It is the iOS application that enables you to follow and change settings on your device. In our opinion, it is not so necessary and it is also kind of outdated, so if they plan to keep it, they could improve the interface a bit.

What Other Reviewers Say

Customer experiences are different, but we can say that they are mostly positive. The customers were generally satisfied with easy setup and stable signal. The device helped them to enjoy real speeds that devices rented from their providers couldn’t. On the negative side, there were some users who complained that the signal doesn’t cover their whole two-floor house, that the signal is unstable and that they have to restart C7000 often. The truth is that most of them complained about customer service that usually doesn’t answer their calls.




  • Speed: 32×8 channels; DOCSIS 3.1; AC3000 tri-band wireless connection (up to 1733 Mbps @ 5 GHz band + up to 866 Mbps @ 5 GHz band + up to 400 Mbps @ 2.4 GHz); 802.11ac supported
  • Safety: WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS; NAT and SPI; parental control
  • Compatibility: compatible with Comcast
  • Range: 6 internal antennas; up to 5000 sq. ft. range

Things We Liked

Netgear Orbi RBK50 is really something different in the world of routers and modems. It has elegant design, it comes in white color and because of its color and oval shape, Orbi RBK50 can be easily combined with any piece of modern furniture. It really looks more like a vase than a router.

Orbi RBK50 comes in two pieces, one router and one satellite. The idea is to set the router in one room in your house and the satellite in some other room. The router sends the signal to the satellite and in that way Orbi RBK50 spreads signal through large areas such as two or three floor houses or big offices of up to 5000 sq. ft. It has 6 internal powerful antennas reinforced with beamforming and MU-MIMO technology.

On the top of these two devices, you will see an oval LED indicator that shows the quality of connection. If the indicator gets white, the device is starting up; when it turns blue, the connection is good; when it turns amber, the connection is weak and if it gets magenta, it means that the connection is lost. On the back side of the router, you will find one WAN and 3 Ethernet ports, one 2.0 USB port along with sync and power on/off buttons. The satellite has 4 Ethernet ports, 2.0 USB port and sync and power on/off buttons just like the router.

The setup is really easy. The devices are already paired and they are certified by Comcast for Xfinity so the only thing you have to do is to set them up via wired or wireless internet connection. You can connect your PC or Mac via LAN to the router, open web browser and type and complete settings. The other way is to do that via Wi-Fi with the help of your phone. There’s also possibility to download Orbi or Netgear Genie app and set the devices up.

Things We Didn’t Like

At the first sight, Orbi RBK50 is perfect new device. Sadly, that is not completely true.

First, there is the design. Although it is attractive, Orbi RBK50 comes in two pieces and neither of them is small, which means that they will occupy much space and you won’t be able to hide it somewhere. Also, 2.0 USB ports are there on the devices, but they don’t really have any function yet, because you can’t use them to connect to printers or share media. You will have to do that via LAN ports.

Second, it is advertised that Orbi uses mesh technology, but that is not quite true. You can add as many satellites as you want but all of them will receive signal from that one router, not from each other. It is also advertised that it is a triple-band device, but you can really use only two (one 2.4 GHz and one 5GHz) because the third 5 GHz connection with speeds up to 1,733 Mbps is used by the router and its satellite so that they can communicate.

Third, parental control is a feature that is not really included in the original firmware. In order to activate parental control (that enables you to block web pages you don’t want your kids to visit), you will have to download Netgear Genie app and open an account on OpenDNS.

What Other Reviewers Say

As we could notice, customers mostly like the design and interesting LED indicators. Above all, they love the speed and stable connection, of course, as well as the possibility to decrease the number of dead spots in the house or workspace. Also, they really appreciate easy setup that this device offers. One of the things people dislike is the fact that satellites don’t connect to each other but to the router and that it can be difficult to find the right distance between the router and satellites. There were also many complaints about the quality of the app that should be downloaded for setup (setup through web browser is highly recommended), some of the users had problems with loss of signal and most of them think that the product is pricey.


TP-Link AC1750 (Archer CR700)


  • Speed: 16×4 channels for maximum 680 Mbps download speed; DOCSIS 3.0; AC1750 dual-band wireless connection (up to 1300 Mbps @ 5 GHz + 450 Mbps @ 2.4 GHz); 802.11ac supported
  • Safety: WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption, wireless MAC filtering; parental control; guest network
  • Compatibility: compatible with Comcast, Spectrum and Cox
  • Range: 6 internal antennas with amplifiers; beamforming technology

Things We Liked

TP-Link Archer CR700 is quite satisfying device for every ordinary user, who lives in an average house or apartment.

It comes in black color, it is thin and it can stand vertically so it can be hidden somewhere in the house in a way that it does its job and doesn’t attract too much attention. 7 LED indicators are on the front side of the device, and on the back side we found power on/off button, 2 USB ports, 4 Ethernet ports and one coaxial connector for more stable connection.

TP-Link Archer CR700 supports newest wireless 802.11ac technology. It uses DOCSIS 3.0 technology and it has 16 downstream and 8 upstream channels that enable faster data flow. CR700 is dual-band device that has 6 internal antennas, which provide great range even for big houses. Beamforming technology that this device uses, enables focusing on wireless devices in your surroundings. CR700 searches for Wi-Fi devices and sends signal straight to them, not spreading it everywhere around without any specific purpose.

We can’t say that we achieved maximum speed on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies, but it is quite satisfying and the connection is stable. CR700 is user friendly device with extremely easy setup. You just use coaxial cable to connect the device to the Internet and the device does everything else.

When it comes to safety, CR700 has quite good firewall and there are also options to activate Guest Network mode and parental control. Parental control enables parents not only to block certain web pages, but also to control the time spent online.

The device has 2 USB ports that are fully functional and you can use them to connect it to printers or to share media. We can also say that we are quite satisfied with the price, which is adequate to the quality of CR700.

Things We Didn’t Like

One of the things that should be improved is design. Although the device has acceptable dimensions and doesn’t take too much space, the design is simply not attractive. We could say that it is kind of repulsive.

Although the speed is satisfying, it is way below the maximum that is advertised, so we think that should be improved too.

What Other Reviewers Say

Some of the things customers appreciated most are definitely acceptable price, easy setup and good performance for the money. On the negative side, customers often complain about constant loss of signal, drop of connection and constant necessity to restart the device. We didn’t have such problems, but it seems that certain percentage of customers did.


Arris SURFboard AC1600 (SBG6700AC)


  • Speed: 8×4 channels (up to 343 Mbps download speed / up to 131 Mbps upload speed); DOCSIS 3.0; AC1600 dual-band wireless connection (up to 1300 Mbps @ 5 GHz + 300 Mbps @ 2.4 GHz); 802.11ac supported
  • Safety: embedded firewall and parental control; WPA/WPA2/WEP; DoS; SPI and NAT
  • Compatibility: compatible with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Cablevision and Cox
  • Range: beamforming technology ensures better Wi-Fi coverage

Things We Liked

Arris SURFboard SBG6700AC actually represents 3 devices combined in one. It is DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, dual-band concurrent and 2-port Gigabit Ethernet router. This device is quite smaller in comparison to other devices we have reviewed. It comes in white color. Because of its color and size, it can be easily combined with furniture or hidden somewhere in order not to attract attention.

Arris SURFboard SBG6700AC is certified by Comcast and many other cable companies, and its setup is quite easy. On the back side of the device you will see power connector and cable connector. First you should insert Ethernet cable and connector cable. After that you should insert power cable and call your provider in order to activate your new device.

When you go to the web manager, you will be able to change password and name of your device, adjust basic or advanced settings, or even activate guest network or parental control options. Web interface is quite good and simple, so you shouldn’t have major problems with it.

The device offers great speed for every ordinary user, 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels and it supports latest 802.11ac wireless technology. It has 2 MIMO dual band antennas that, combined with the latest beamforming technology, enable great coverage even in big houses and controlled sending of wireless signal.

Things We Didn’t Like

Among the things we didn’t like, we would like to mention some design flaws. The design itself is not so attractive, but the greatest problem are LED indicators. There are six of them and the light is too bright, so it might not be such a good idea to put the device in your bedroom. In dark, this device looks more like a lamp than router.

The second thing we didn’t like is the number of Ethernet ports. There are only 2 ports and most of similar devices have at least 4 LAN and occasionally even one WAN port. 2 LAN ports are usually enough for an average user, but you can never have too many ports.

In addition, this device doesn’t have any USB ports, so you can’t share any media or connect to printers.

What Other Reviewers Say

Well, we can’t say that this product is the most popular, but there were no complaints so far. The customers love the speed that this device ensures and the setup, which is a piece of cake. The most common problems are related to the loss of connection and signal, but in most of the cases that happened after many months of flawless work.


Best Wireless Router for Comcast: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why you should get a modem router combo for Comcast?

As we have already said, buying your own modem router combo is good for several reasons. First of all, you can save some space, time and money, because you will have one device instead of two, less cables and less devices to set up and adjust to your needs and that one device will occupy less space in your home. It also saves you approximately $120 per year (because Comcast has recently raised its monthly fee to $10) or more if the fee goes even higher.

Second of all, you will definitely experience better data flow and more stable connection if you use your own device, especially because many new devices use DOCSIS 3.0, which provides great speed and gives the opportunity to every member of your family to watch any channel he/she wants without buffering.

Last of all, your own device has to be activated by Comcast (and they have no right to decline) and that’s everything they have with it. You will get the opportunity to configure your device in your way and update it when you think the update is needed, not when Comcast decides.

How to make sure that your router is compatible with Comcast?

One lucky thing is that Comcast has very detailed and helpful website. If you explore Support section, you will find out how to check if your device is compatible with Comcast. In the section My Device Info, you will have to sign in, fill your ZIP code and download speed of your device and they will inform you immediately if your device is compatible or not.

Is it best to buy a new, used or a refurbished modem?

When buying a modem router combo unit, the cheapest option is used device. That kind of purchase could save you more than 50% of the money that is usually paid for a new product. However, you have to bear in mind that these products have been used and maybe even severely abused for a long time. You can never know what is their real condition and when will they stop working. In addition, former owners don’t always delete their accounts and you can have problems with model verification because of that.

Your second option that is a bit more expensive, but still more affordable than buying new product, is buying refurbished one. People usually think that refurbished means bad or faulty, but that’s not true in most cases. Refurbished devices are devices that were returned because the previous owner changed his mind and decided that he doesn’t want it anymore. It can also mean that the owner noticed some kind of scratch on the packaging or the device itself and he didn’t want to keep it. In any case, these products are perfectly functional and they can save you up to one-third of the full price.

Buying new product is always the best option, but it is also the most expensive. When you buy new product, you know that it hasn’t been used and you can set it up and configure in the way you want. In this case, you can rely on specifications and ads and return it if something is not as it was advertised. So, if you have enough money, buy the new product and be sure that it is completely reliable.

Final words

In the text above, we have given you some basic information about devices that represent combined modem and router units. We have reviewed 5 devices, which are quite good in our opinion. On our list, you will find something for everyone’s taste and pocket.

If asked to pick the very best modem router combo for Comcast from the list of 5 devices, we would have to say that it would be Netgear Nighthawk C7000. There are many reasons for such a decision.

Check Netgear Nighthawk C7000 on AMAZON

In our opinion, Netgear Nighthawk C7000 is the perfect choice for an ordinary, not too needy user. It offers great speeds and range that can cover big houses and please every member of some big family. It has 2 USB ports, which is more than average for this type of product and it also has 4 LAN ports. This device has pleasant design, it is not too big and it is perfect for streaming, downloading and gaming. That should be all, or even more than an average user needs. In addition, it has reasonable and affordable price. You will get great quality and still be able to save some money when you stop renting devices for Comcast.


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