192.168.l.l – Why I can’t login?

In some cases when we have a problem, we tend to make things much more complicated than they really are. Of course, having a problem with the network or Internet connection, with all the social networks in mind, makes things even worse.

With all of this pressure it is not strange to oversee some obvious things.

For example, we all know that the default IP address of our wireless router is made of numbers only (see Wikipedia) and we try and try to login to it by typing 192.168.l.l in the browser’s URL bar.

Getting an error page can make things even worse. It worked every time, so why in the world you can’t connect using 192.168.l.l?


Well, as we have already said the IP address is made of NUMBERS only.

This means that in order to login properly you have to type instead of 192.168.l.l.

Similar issues have users who try to login using 192.168.o.1.

If this is really your router default IP address, you will be able to login to your wireless router easily.

If not, you can check your router default IP, and continue logging in and troubleshooting your internet connection.

If you can’t login it is recommended to check our Linksys router login guide (it applies for other router brands as well) to see what you have to do (step-by-step) and see what are the possible reasons that prevent you from logging in successfully.

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